Inspired Dining, Tropical Sentiment

We welcome the simple pleasures of breezy beach-side life, nourishing fare and spontaneous social gatherings. Upper East Side Bondi will take you on an enlightening and energising journey of the senses, designed to inspire, uplift and feed both body and soul.

Dine & Drink

The beauty and abundance of the Antipodean seasons should be celebrated and relished. Thoughtful, bright compositions resonate with a philosophy of freshness, generosity and local inspiration.

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Whats On

Discover and be imbued with the knowledge of true artisans. Feast the senses on star-lit occasions marked by inspiration, pleasure and connection.

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Parties & Groups

Coastal vibes and sultry nights under a canopy of stars, with the sensation that the tropics are right outside. Dazzling events for exceptional guests, to be remembered long after the last cocktail is poured.

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About Upper East Side Bondi

A gathering place with a collective philosophy and spirit, driven by thoughtful and soulful experiences in food, drink and celebration.

An inviting ambience weaves its way through the social fabric of our locale. Sun-drenched by day and star-lit by night, the mood is reminiscent of the tropics, with an aura of relaxation, comfort and ever-present salt air.

The evolution of atmosphere is constant, while the community and traditions which inspire us are as intrinsic and deeply rooted as the ebb and flow of the nearby Pacific tide.

Opening Hours:

MON: 5PM – 10.30PM
TUES: 12PM – 10.30PM
WEDS: 12PM – 10.30PM
THURS: 12PM – 10.30PM
FRI:12PM- 10.30PM
SAT: 8AM – 10.30PM
SUN: 8AM – 10.30PM

Food Philosophy

Nourishing, honest representations of classical flavour compositions are inflected with taste-led contemporary appeal, designed to intrigue, beguile and awaken the senses.